Call #58 (2009)

One car MVA on Rte 414 north of Tom Allen Road – SUV into a ditch on its side. NSA responded for a patient check over.

402 Responded.

9 men present.

Dispatched 07:43 / En Route 07:45 / On Scene 07:50 / Back In Service 08:45

Call #57 (2009)

Mutual Aid to Varick for a fully involved structure fire. Tanker, man power, and engine for a fill site utilized.

403 and 421 responded. Tanker 421 directly to the scene. Engine 403 to the fill site at Hillside.

15 men present

Dispatched 19:35 / En Route 19:37 / On Scene 19:48 / Back In Service […]

Call #56 (2009)

Mutual Aid to Canoga for a reported Structure Fire. Found to be a furnace problem that filled the home with smoke.

403 responded. Utilized smoke ejector to clear the smoke from the home.

7 men present

Dispatched 13:07 / En Route 13:09 / On Scene 13:17 / Back In Service 13:36

Call #55 (2009)

Mutual Aid to Romulus for a reported mobile home trailer. Found to be a furnace problem that filled the home with smoke.

403 responded and was redirected en route to Hill Side Children’s Center for a fire alarm activation – Mutual Aid to Varick who was tied up with the Romulus call.

5 men present


2010 Annual Meeting Dinner

There will be a dinner prior to annual meeting, January 4th, 2010. Dinner will be served at 6PM so get there early!

Contact Charlie McCann if you would like to help or for further details.

2010 Friday Night Fish Fry

2010 FFD Friday Night Fish Fry Flyer (link above will open a .PDF file)

Fish Fry Friday will be returning to the Fayette Fire Department this February! Friday, February 19th will be the first of seven Friday night dinners hosted by the members of the Fayette Fire Department. Dinners will start at 4:30PM and […]

Call #54 (2009)

One car MVA roll over on 414 south of Martin Road. 402 Responded 10 men present

Dispatched 19:22 / En Route 19:23 / On Scene 19:26 / Back In Service 20:21

Call #53 (2009)

Reported Tractor Fire on Leader Road just west of 414. Found to be an engine fire. 403 responded. 8 men present

Dispatched 07:11 / En Route 07:14 / On Scene 07:17 / Back In Service 07:45