Call #15 (2010)

Reported structure fire on Yost Road North of Yellow Tavern. Homeowner confirmed presence of smoke in structure. Upon investigation, no smoke or smell of smoke could be found inside the structure. Mutual aid not already on the scene was canceled en route. All others were released from the scene.

403 & 421 Responded along with […]

2010 20 Week Club!!

The Fayette Fire Department 20 week club tickets are here! The members of the department have the tickets available for sale at the Fish Dinners as well as in their daily activities.

Tickets will be sold at a price of $20 each. There will be nineteen $25 drawings with the drawings taking place at the […]

Call #14 (2010)

Truck into poll on Yellow Tavern Road west of Rte 414. North Seneca responded for the check over.

402 Responded. 9 men present.

Dispatched 10:27 / In Route 10:30 / On Scene 10:34 / In Service 10:48

Call #13 (2010)

Standby in station while the 911 center transitioned to their backup high band system.

3 men present

Notified 13:30 / At Hall 13:30 / Cleared 14:30