Call #37 (2010)

Mutual aid standby to Seneca Falls while they were out working a structure fire on Montgomery St. 403 & crew responded to SF station and were later moved to the scene.

403 responded. 11 men present.

Dispatched 21:52 / En Route 21:55 / On Scene 22:02 / Back In Service 00:19

2 comments to Call #37 (2010)

  • Rebecca VonBergen

    I am inquiring about this fire & if one or more of the firefighters that was on the scene has information about the process taken in putting this blaze out. I understand your department was on standby but do you recall any specifics of that night? Thank you for your time. Rebecca VonBergen

  • I do not recall this fire as it was almost 8 months ago. I am sure that someone might, but you should direct your questions regarding the process taken to extinguish the fire to the primary fire department at the scene, Seneca Falls Fire.

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