Call #34 (2011)

Mutual aid to Romulus for a smoke investigation on Vineyard Rd. Initial dispatch for engine & tanker later changed to a standby with engine & tanker on Romulus’s floor.

9? men. 403 & 421 responded to the standby.

Dispatched 10:05 / En Route 10:06 / On Scene (Romulus’s Station) 10:21 / In Service 10:57

2011 Fish Fry Thank You!

We would like to thank everyone who came out to support the FFD during this year’s Fish Fry. We served an average of 414 meals a night with 3 nights at or above 450 meals served! We couldn’t have done it without each and every one of you!

We will be firing up the fryers […]

Call #33 (2011)

Mutual aid to Varick on an unreported controlled burn on Yale Farm Rd. Held in station.

11 men. 403 standby on apron awaiting crew.

Dispatched 23:16 / En Route 23:17 / Held In Station 23:23 / In Service 23:30

Call #32 (2011)

Wires down on Rt. 414 south of Canoga Rd. Wires were off the roadway and Nyseg was informed of the poll number.

9 men. 403 standby at station.

Dispatched 03:12 / En Route 03:16 / On Scene 03:21 / In Service 03:24

Call #31 (2011)

Two car MVA on Ridge Road at Leader Road. NSA responded and mutual aid was received from Varick for their certified first responders.

10 men. 402 responded.

Dispatched 13:50 / En Route 13:50 / On Scene 13:55 / In Service 14:32

Call #30 (2011)

Two car MVA in front of Keystone Mills on Rte 336. The TNT rescue tools were used to remove the passenger side doors for better access for patient extrication. Mutual aid was requested from Varick to have Rte 336 shut down at Rte 96. South Seneca & North Seneca ambulances were present. One patient […]

Call #29 (2011)

Reported out door fire on Rte 414 North of Rte 336. 461 responded to the scene where the resident was burning wood and returned responding units to station.

403 responded. 10? men present.

Dispatched 20:xx / En Route 20:xx / On Scene 20:xx / In Service 20:xx

Call #28 (2011)

Mutual aid to Varick for a reported outside fire which was later changed to a dumpster fire not threatening any structures. 403 and crew were on the apron awaiting assignment from Varick command when we were cancelled.

403 on apron. 12? men present.

Dispatched 12:20 / En Route 12:22 (on apron) / On Scene xx:xx […]