Update notice for the drill 5/14

For those SCBA personnel that could not make the first night of Ethanol Class you can still attend the live evolutions, you won’t get state credit but you will get in house drill credit. I will have a training authorization letter for you if wish to attend, we need to be there by 18:30.

June 2012 Drills

6/4 Monthly Meeting

6/11 FAST / SCBA drill with Waterloo

6/18 Truck and Officer night

Drill schedule May 2012

Here are the drills for the month of May announced at the meeting: 5/8 Decon Class 5/14 – Ethanol Class 5/15 – Ethanol Class 5/21 – Truck Night 5/28 – No Drill

Ethanol class update

For those of you who is taking the class it starts tonite 5/9/12. In order to take part next Monday (5/14) and Tuesday (5/15) , you must be at class tonight.

Next week you’ll need your full PPE and SCBA, engine 403 will be the primary engine for the class. All start times are 18:30