3/11 truck nite&fit testing

3/18 rescque jacks

3/25 cribbing &extracation


dispatched to leader rd&rt 96 for a 3 car pimva.firefighters assisted nsa with getting the patient out of the vehicle and into the ambulance.engine 402&403 responded with 12 men

dispatched 11:58/enroute 11:58/on scene 12:06/back in service 12:35


dispatched mutual-aid to varick fast team and tanker for a chimney fire,assigment changed to standby on varicks floor.402&421 responded with 13 men

dispatched 19:42/enroute 19:42/on scene 19:49/back in service 20:00


dispatched to seneca falls for a standby on their floor while they where out on a possible structure fire.402 responded with 10 men

dispatched 21:22/enroute 21:24/on scene 21:35/back in service 21:46

call #007[2013]

dispatched automatic mutual-aid to waterloo fast team and tanker for a structure fire.402 and 421 responded with 10 was out on arrival

dispatched 08:38/enroute 08:39/on scene 08:57/back in service 09:03


dispatched to sweets hill rd for a report of wires.461 responded and found a phone wire down

6 men

dispatched 09:15/enroute 09:17/on sene 09:23/back in service 09:26

CALL#005 [2013]

dispatched to a residence on ridge rd for app 8 in of water in the basement,403 responded with pumps

5 men

dispatched 17:34/enroute 17:37/on scene 17:52/back in service 18:23

CALL#004 [2013]

dispatched to a residence in fayette on rt414 for approximately 8in of water in the basement.engine 403 responded with manpower and pumps.8 men

dispatched12:52 enroute 12:53 on scene 13:02 back in service 13:27

February 2013 drills

2/11 Truck nite

2/18 Haz mat ops refresher[fayette]

2/25 ropes&knots

january 2013 drills

1/14 truck nite&gear inspection

1/21 Osha refresher part 1

1/28 Osha refresher part 2