dispatched to a residence on kings corners rd to assist ssa with help lifting,6 men

dispatched 00:49/enroute 00:57/on scene 01:02/back in service 01:24


dispatched to a residence on rt 89 for an automatic fire alarm activation,found the home owner accidently burned some chicken,403 responded with 10 men

dispatched 18:50/enroute 18:51/on scene 18:56/back in service 19:00


requested by ssa help lifting at a residence on kings corners rd,6 men

dispatched 00:12/enroute 00:21/back in service 00:43


dispatched for a report of a pole on fire on rt 89,engine 403 responded with 7 men and found the top two feet of an electric pole on fire.

dispatched 15:18/enroute 15:18/on scene 15:23/back in service 16:14


dispatched to the area of ridge rd between leader rd and rt 414 for multiple wires,poles and trees down due to a storm,14 men

dispatched 18:10/enroute 18:11/back in service 19:26


dispatched mutual-aid to waterloo for a barn fire,402responded to mayberry pond to fill tankers and 421 was in the tanker shuttle,16 men

dispatched 20:06/enroute 20:09/back in service 00:36


dispatched mutual-aid to waterloo w/fast team for a reported structure fire,no fire cancelled enroute,7 men

dispatched 11:30/enroute11:31/back in service 11:34

CALL#29 (2013)

dispatched to the area of the Fayette fire station for a report of a leaning electrical pole,4 men

dispatched 16:30/enroute 16:31/back in service 16:40


requested by ssa for help lifting.5 men

dispatched 03:41/enroute 03:46/back in service 03:53


dispatched to a residence on rt 414 for a report of possible controlled burn.461 responded and advised the owner of the no burn policy.10 men

dispatched 20:37/enroute 20:38/back in service 20:41