dispatched to a fire alarm on rt 89,no duty,403 responded with 10 men

dispatched 17:11/enroute 17:12/on scene 17:19/back in service 17:25


dispatched mutual-aid to standby at the serven fire station while they were working a structure fire,402 responded with 8 men

dispatched 01:34/enroute 01:36/on scene 01:54/back in service 03:22


dispatched mutual-aid to Romulus for a reported structure fire,burned wire no duty,402 responded with 12 men

dispatched 11:19/enroute 11:20/on scene 11:23/back in service 11:27


dispatched to a residence on rt 89 for a fire alarm,no duty,6 men

dispatched 08:05/enroute 08:06/on scene 08:16/back in service 08:22


dispatched fast team mutual-aid to Seneca falls for a structure fire,402 responded with 12 men,supplied a fast team&interior scba

dispatched 10:39/enroute 10:40/on scene 10:52/back in service 12:40