dispatched to a residence on rt 96 to assist nsa with help lifting,3 men


2/24/16 dispatched fast team mutual-aid to waterloo,cancelled enroute,7 men


2/20/16 dispatched to a residence on kings corners rd to assist nca with help lifting,3 men


2/04/16=dispatched to a residence on secor rd to assist ems with a medical call,7 men


01/09/16=dispatched to a residence on rt 414 to assist medical with a person not breathing,12 men


dispatched to residence on leader rd to assist nsa with help lifting,4 men

dispatched 03:28/enroute 03:32/back in service03:56


dispatched to residence on kuney rd to assist nsa w/help lifting,10 men

dispatched 13:16/enroute 13:16/back in service 13:31

Call #101 (2011)

Dispatched for notification of Seneca Falls Rescue coming into our district to assist North Seneca Ambulance at a residence just north of Peterman Lumber on Rte. 414.

No Duty. 7 men present.

Dispatched 19:37 / En Route 19:38 / On Scene xx:xx / In Service 19:47

Call #60 (2011)

South Seneca Ambulance responded to a call on Rte 414 south of Marsh Rd for a bicycle accident. Varick was dispatched for their CFR’s. SSA determined that one victim needed to be air lifted and requested FFD for the landing zone. Mercy Flight landed on Rte 414.

403 responded. 5 men present.

Dispatched 10:10 / […]

Call #54 (2011)

Mutual aid to North Seneca Ambulance for help lifting.

403 responded. 10 men present.

Dispatched 23:52 / En Route 23:54 / On Scene 23:58 / In Service 00:19