dispatched to the area of rt 336&96 for an odor investigation,found to be the smell of a hog barn,8 men

dispatched 21:25/enroute 21:26/back in service 21:35


dispatched for an odor investigation in the area of rt 414&ridge rd,found a burn barrel,2 men

dispatched 14:03/enroute 14:06/back in service 14:33


dispatched for an odor investigation on rt 414 in the hamlet of Fayette,10 men

dispatched 20:50/enroute 20:53/back in service 20:59

Call #93 (2011)

Odor investigation on Ridge Rd in the hamlet of Fayette. Odor was backed up septic system.

403 responded. 8 men present.

Dispatched 06:08 / En Route 06:10 / On Scene 06:13 / In Service 06:43