464’s To-Do List

This is just my to-do list for right now, but can be appended to include other things that need to be done around the fire house.

  1. Update Member PicturesCOMPLETED
    • Priority: Medium
    • Take pictures at the Jan 25th gear check/inventory drill of everyone willing/available
  2. Visual Work Instructions
    • Priority: Low
    • Required for:
      • 401 – necessary?
      • 402
      • 403
      • 421 – pictures taken of each step – need to write up the procedure
      • TNT Rescue Tool – Work Instructions COMPLETED – need visuals
      • 421 Pump – pictures taken of each step – need to write up the procedure
      • 403 Generator – How to start & check
      • 402 Generator
      • Chain Saw & K12 Saw
      • Portable Generator
    • To include all aspects of the truck/equipment inspection.  When separate documents are used, the truck procedure will reference applicable equipment procedures (ex. 402 Generator & TNT Rescue Tool inspection procedures will be separate from 402’s inspection instructions).
  3. 402 LetteringCOMPLETED
    • Priority: Low
    • Document 402 lettering
    • Look into creation of duplicate/similar lettering for 403.
  4. Maintenance LogsCOMPLETED for Trucks & Air Packs
    • Priority: Medium
    • Log will document when any maintenance is done to a truck or piece of equipment.
    • Record:
      • Truck or Equipment Number
      • Mileage/hours if available
      • Work completed
      • Date completed
      • Member or establishment completing the work
    • Examples include:
      • Battery swap on any electrical device
      • Bulb change on any truck
      • Oil Changes on any portable equipment
  5. fayettefd.org stickers
    • Priority: High
    • Determine best location for fayettefd.org stickers for all of the trucks.
    • Color and size to be determined after location selection – truck dependent.
    • Make up stickers for member vehicles as well.
  6. Stabil in fuel – Stabil has been purchased – needs to be distributed.
    • Priority: High
    • Mix Stabil into all fuel containers to stabilize the fuel.
    • Run all equipment for a minimum of 30 minutes to adequately circulate the stabilized fuel through out the engine.
    • Come up with a procedure for gasoline management for portable equipment. Procedure will detail the filling of smaller fuel canisters (1 gallon containers for both the K12/Chainsaw on 403 and the TNT Rescue Tool on 402 – both labeled appropriately) from larger, 5 gallon containers as well as the addition of Stabil to those larger containers.
  7. Air Pack Bottle Hydro TestCOMPLETE
    • Priority: High
    • Get all air pack bottles hydro tested as they are all past hydro date and cannot be filled.
    • Send in 8 bottles at a time, two trips.
    • First set dropped off to Tim Burgess @ Tyler Fire Equipment on 29MAR10.
    • Second set will be picked up when Tyler is in to do the regulator swap out on our NXG2 packs, 07APR10.
    • First set received 07APR10 with 03/10 hydro date.  Next hydro due 03/15.
    • Second set received 22APR10 with 04/10 hydro date. Next hydro due 04/15.
    • All bottles must be replaced on or before 03/20.

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