2015 Fish Dinner – Thank You!

Thank you to all of our faithful patrons that came out to enjoy a meal at the Fayette Volunteer Fire Department this year!

Attendance was spectacular! The first night was brutally cold with outside air temperatures of -18F and wind chills far lower. It was rough on you as well as our propane supply which wasn’t keeping up with the demand that the kitchen was placing on it. After that night, the weather wasn’t always cooperative, but attendance went up and the hall was always busy.

Now that the fish dinners have ended and the final numbers have been tallied, we served a total of 3,843 meals for an average dinners served of 549; up from 525 last year. We broke last year’s single night record of 589 meals three times with 604 on March 13th, 617 on March 27th, and 630 the last night, April 3rd!

Again, THANK YOU for your support!

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