2024 Fish Dinner Traffic Flow

Drive-thru flow for the 2024 fish dinners starting Friday, February 16, 2024, can be found in the image below:


Similar to last year, the flow through our parking lots for the drive-thru service will enter through the north driveway (main parking lot) and exit out the south driveway. The north driveway will be two-way traffic while the south driveway is one-way only for exiting drive-thru patrons. We will be using only one order kiosk for drive-thru service this year and have altered the traffic pattern to suit this change.

We will be using the north row of parking spots in the main parking lot as additional area for the DRIVE-THRU vehicles during the start of the dinners. These spaces will likely be available for EAT-IN parking sometime after 5:30pm.

Please be patient and careful when entering, navigating the parking lots, and exiting the property.

Thank you for your for your continued support! We look forward to serving you!

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