dispatched mutual-aid to Romulus for a reported structure fire,no duty cancelled enroute,402 responded w/10 men

dispatched 15:01/enroute 15:03/back in service 15:15


dispatched fast team mutual-aid to waterloo,no duty cancelled enroute,402 responded w/9 men

dispatched 10:22/enroute 10:24/back in service 10:35


dispatched mutual-aid to varick for a reported structure fire,402 responded w/13 men

dispatched 19:14/enroute 19:15/back in service 20:12


dispatched fast team mutual-aid to waterloo,no duty cancelled enroute,15 men

dispatched 08:38/enroute 08:38/back in service 08:44


dispatched mutual-aid fast team to waterloo for a structure fire,moved to waterloo station for standby,402 responded w/7 men

dispatched 15:33/enroute 15:35/back in service 18:18


dispatched to rt 96 for a car versus deer mva,no duty,6 men

dispatched 21:03/enroute 21:04/back in service 21:14


dispatched to rt 89 for a two car pimva w/entrapment,402&403 responded w 6 men

dispatched 10:09/enroute 10:09/back in service 11:37


dispatched fast team mutual-aid to waterloo for a structure fire,402 responded w/9 men

dispatched 12:14/enroute 12:16/back in service 13:01


dispatched to the area of yost&poormon rd for a report of a vehicle off the rd in a woods,found the vehicle in a patch of woods at a farm on olschewske rd,402 responded with 12 men

dispatched 00:01/enroute 00:02/back in service 01:13


dispatched to a farm on leader rd for a working pickup truck fire,403 responded with 6 men

dispatched10:26/enroute 10:27/back in service 10:54