dispatched mutual-aid to waterloo with a fast team,cancelled enroute,402 responded with 13 men

dispatched 23:03/enroute 23:05/back in service 23;10



dispatched to a residence on rt 89 for an automatic fire alarm,found to be a power outage,462 arrived on scene and confirmed a false trip,403 responded with 9 men

dispatched 21:37/enroute 21:38/on scene 21:44/back in service 21:46

CALL #43 [2013]

dispatched for a dumpster fire on macdougall rd,small fire out on arrival,403 responded with 10 men

dispatched 12:17/enroute 12:18/ on scene 12:28/back in service 12:43

CALL#42 [2013]

dispatched to ogden rd rd to setup an lz for mercy flight,had a person down from a bike accident,402 responded with 8 men

dispatched 09:39/enroute 09:40/ on scene 09:51/back in service 10:24


dispatched mutual-aid to waterloo wth a fast team,cancelled enroute,7 men

dispatched 10:19/enroute 10:19/back in service 10:24


dispatched to the area of 3504 rt 414 for a report of a tree down on wires,nothing found,403 responded with 7 men

dispatched 19:35/enroute 19:37/on scene 19:40/back in service 19:43


dispatched to a residence on rt 414 for a co alarm going off,found bad batteries.403 responded with 7 men

dispatched 06:49/enroute 06:49/on scene 06:58/back in service 07:20


dispatched to a residence on rt 414 for a pssible barn fire,461 arrived on the scene and found an unreported controlled burn.403&402 responded with 12 men

dispatched 18:51/enroute 18:51/on scene 18:53/back in service 18:55


7/8 truck nite

7/15 tour of silver creek meats

7/22 ILO course at the station

7/29 off