dispatched to rt 414 for 2 car mva w/airbag deployment,no injuries,402 responded with 8 men

dispatched 13:16/enroute 13:17/on scene 13:22/back in service 13:38


dispatched mutual-aid to waterloo fast team and tanker for reported structure fire,402&421 responded with 13 men

dispatched 05:59/enroute 06:00/on scene 06:21/back in service 06:34


dispatched mutual-aid to Seneca falls to standby on their floor,402 responded with 9 men

dispatched 15:12/enroute 15:12/on scene 15:15/back in service 16:43


dispatched to the area of rt 96&leader rd for a two car pimva,mercy flight transported one patient,402&403 responded w/9 men

dispatched 15:12/enroute 15:13/back in service 16:12


dispatched mutual-aid to Romulus for a reported structure fire,cancelled enroute,9 men

dispatched 17:03/enroute 17:03/back in service 17:12


dispatched to the area of rt 414&yellow tavern rd for the report of a power line sparking,462&464 responded and met nyseg on scene

dispatched 06:54/enroute 06:56/on scene 07:00/back in service 07:02


dispatched to rt 89 for a one car mva,402&403 responded w/12 men

dispatched 15:07/enroute 15:08/on scene 15:14/back in service 15:52


dispatched mutual-aid to ovid with a tanker for a reported structure fire,421 responded w/6 men

dispatched 12:43/enroute 12:43/on scene 13:07/back in service 13:14


dispatched to rt 89 for a report of a car into a pole,no injuries,402 responded w/7 men

dispatched 13:09/enroute 13:09/on scene 13:10/back in service/13:57


dispatched to the area of rt 414&336 for a field fire,turned out to be a controlled burn on ogden rd,403 responded with 9 men

dispatched 14:24/enroute 14:25/ back in service 14:32