dispatched to yost rd&leader rd for a two car pimva,one vehicle was in the ditch and the victims needed to be extracated,two patients were airlifted,one from the scene and the other was transported to exit 41.402 responded with 5 men

dispatched 09:44/ enroute 09:44/ on scene 09:47/ back in service 10:55


tanker dispatched mutual-aid to interlaken for a structure fire,also an engine crew stood by on our floor for varick,10 men

dispatched 06:28/enroute 06:29/back in service 08:59


dispatched for a two car mva on rt 336 with entrapment, 402 responded with 10 men

dispatched 17:56 / enroute 17:57 / on scene 17:59 / back in service 18:39


dispatched to rt 336 west of 96 for a one car mva w/air bag deployment,no injuries. 5 men

dispatched 11:55/ enroute 11:55/ on scene 12:05/back in service 12:20


dispatched mutual-aid to waterloo for a report of a barn fire at the corner of yost rd & yellow tavern,turned out to be an unreported controlled burn in fayette district. 9 men

dispatched 19:52/ enroute 19:53/on scene 19:59/back in service 20:01


dispatched to a residence on ridge rd for an investigation of something burning,no duty. 6 men

dispatched 19:26/on scene 19:26/back in service 19:43


dispatched mutual-aid to romulus for a reported structure fire at the old sewer treatment plant at sead,402 responded with 8 men

dispatched 09:56/enroute 09:57/on scene 10:11/back in service 10:57


dispatched to a fire alarm on rt 89,no duty,403 responded with 10 men

dispatched 17:11/enroute 17:12/on scene 17:19/back in service 17:25


dispatched mutual-aid to standby at the serven fire station while they were working a structure fire,402 responded with 8 men

dispatched 01:34/enroute 01:36/on scene 01:54/back in service 03:22


dispatched mutual-aid to Romulus for a reported structure fire,burned wire no duty,402 responded with 12 men

dispatched 11:19/enroute 11:20/on scene 11:23/back in service 11:27