dispatched to rt 96 south of 336 for a vehicle off the rd with air bag deployment,no duty,6 men

03/18/15,dispatched 09:38/enroute 09:39/back in service 09:47


dispatched to rt 414 south of yellow tavern rd for a 1 car mva,no duty,12 men

dispatched 11:51/enroute 11:\53/back in service 00:24


dispatched for an mva on rt 414,17 men

dispatched 18:48/enroute 18:48/back in service 19:39


dispatched to rt 336 for possible pimva,car in the ditch,no duty,12 men

dispatched 22:13/enroute 22:14/back in service 22:22


dispatched to rt 89 for a one car mva,402&403 responded w/12 men

dispatched 15:07/enroute 15:08/on scene 15:14/back in service 15:52


dispatched to rt 336 west of 96 for a one car mva w/air bag deployment,no injuries. 5 men

dispatched 11:55/ enroute 11:55/ on scene 12:05/back in service 12:20


dispatched for a car in the ditch,wires down on rt 414 north of yellow tavern rd,462 responded for investigation,no duty,held the trucks in quarters,12 men

dispatched 12:48/enroute 12:48/ on scene 12:51/back in service 12:53


dispatched to leader rd&murray rd for acar in the ditch,air bag deployment,no injuries.462 responded and had all trucks hold in quarters,no duty.11 men

dispatched21:17/ enroute21:18/ back in service21:27

Call #002 (2013)

Two car PI-MVA on Rte 414 south of the fire hall. As a resident was waiting to turn into their driveway, they were rear ended by another motorist.

402 responded. 10 men present.

Dispatched 14:28 / En Route 14:29 / On Scene 14:29 / In Service 15:29

Call # 003 (2012)

Call # 003

One car PI-MVA rollover on Leader Road east of Rte 414. No injuries. Turned over to Seneca County Sheriffs Department.

Dispatched 16:01 / En route 16:01 / On Scene 16:02 / In service 16:17