dispatched to a residence on yost rd for smoke investigation,found an unattended out side rubbish fire

08/17/15 dispatched 16:56/enroute 16:57/back in service 17:40


dispatched mutual-aid to canoga for a fire alarm activation,no duty,5 men

08/09/15 dispatched 14:56/enroute 14:56/back in service 14:59


dispatched to a residence on yost rd for a reported barn fire,found a lawn mower on fire inside a barn,403&402 responded w/11 men

08/07/15 dispatched 20:58/enroute 20:58/back in service 21:30


dispatched to the intersection of yost rd&poorman rd for a one car mva roll over,402 responded w/8 men

07/20/15 dispatched 13:26/enroute 13:26/back in service 13:57


dispatched to a residence on cnty rd 124 for a garage fire,small shed fully engulfed,403 responded w/12 men

07/15/15 dispatched 16:45/enroute 16:46/back in service 17:31



dispatched to the intersection of rt 414&yellow tavern rd for a two car mva,402 responded w/9 men

07/10/15 dispatched 13:41/enroute 13:42/back in service 14:21


dispatched to a fully engulfed barn fire on kuneytown rd,403,402&421 responded w/16 men

7/07/15 dispatched 22:46/enroute 22:47/back in service 05:31


dispatched fast team mutual-aid to waterloo,no duty,cancelled enroute,402 responded w/12 men.

6/23/15 dispatched 20:41/enroute 20:43/back in service 20:47




dispatched to a residence on leader rd for a co detector going off,nothing found,403 responded w/6 men

6/23/15 dispatched 17:14/enroute 17:15/back in service 17:41


dispatched to rt 414 for a report of wires down,found a low hanging phone wire,no duty,5 men

6/10/15 dispatched 22:565/enroute 22:57/back in service 23:09