dispatched to a residence on yost rd for smoke investigation,found an unattended out side rubbish fire

08/17/15 dispatched 16:56/enroute 16:57/back in service 17:40


dispatched to a residence on leader rd for smoke in a structure,found to be bad bearings in a dryer.402,403&421 responded with 12 men

02/08/15 dispatched 18:35/enroute 18:37/back in service 19:19


dispatched to a residence in Fayette for an outdoor fire,found to be a campfire,5 men

dispatched 01:09/enroute 01:11/back in service 01:17


dispatched to a residence on rt 414 for an outdoor fire,found to be a campfire,8 men

dispatched 00:52/enroute 00:54/back in service 01:02


dispatched to the area of the fire dept for a smoke investigation,462&464 checked the area ,nothing found.7 men

dispatched 10:25/enroute 10:25/back in service 10:33


dispatched to the area of yellow tavern rd and yost for a smoke investigation,nothing found.403 responded with 10 men

dispatched 16:57/ enroute 17:00/back in service 17:07


dispatched mutual aid to varick,house on leader rd filling with smoke,found to be a furnace problem,402 responded with a full crew.11 men

dispatched 07:54/enroute 07:54/back in service 08:14

Call #75 (2011)

Smoke investigation on Ridge Road between Rte 414 & Leader Road. 461 investigated and did not find any other source for the smoke other than the reported controlled burn on Leader Road.

All trucks held in quarters per 461. 4 men present

Dispatched 11:20 / En Route 11:20 / On Scene 11:22 / In Service […]

Call #68 (2011)

Reported smoke in the residence on Rt.96 south of Zwick Rd. A stove fire was the cause which was reported as out at the time.

403 responded. 10 men present.

Dispatched 16:47 / En Route 16:47 / On Scene 16:55 / In Service 17:16

Call #65 (2011)

Dispatched for a report of smoke in the area of Rt336 & Secor Rd. 461 found the source & cancelled units already en route.

403 responded. 7 men present.

Dispatched 15:47 / En Route 15:37 / On Scene 15:52 / In Service 16:02