03/31/16 dispatched engine&manpower to Seneca falls for a reported barn fire,402&421 responded,12 men


dispatched fast team&tanker mutual-aid to waterloo for a structure fire,402&421 responded w/12 men

5/17/15 dispatched 21:23/enroute 21:24/back in service 21:43


dispatched mutual-aid to waterloo for a structure fire,402 responded with a fast team,403 responded to mayberry farm to fill tankers and 421 responded to the scene, 14 men

01/09/15 dispatched 17:05/enroute 17:07/back in service 19:40


dispatched tanker mutual-aid to waterloo,8 men

dispatched 03:41/enroute 03:43/back in service 04:39


dispatched tanker mutual-aid to ovid,7 men

dispatched 07:49/enroute 07:50/back in service 09″02


dispatched mutual-aid to border city w/fast team and tanker,assignment changed to filling tankers,402&421 responded w/11 men

dispatched 19:28/enroute 19:30/back in service 21:14


dispatched mutual-aid to ovid with a tanker for a reported structure fire,421 responded w/6 men

dispatched 12:43/enroute 12:43/on scene 13:07/back in service 13:14


tanker dispatched mutual-aid to interlaken for a structure fire,also an engine crew stood by on our floor for varick,10 men

dispatched 06:28/enroute 06:29/back in service 08:59


dispatched mutual-aid to waterloo for a barn fire,402responded to mayberry pond to fill tankers and 421 was in the tanker shuttle,16 men

dispatched 20:06/enroute 20:09/back in service 00:36

CALL#22 {2013}

dispatched mutual-aid to waterloo for a barn fire.402 and 421 responded. 402 setup to draft out of the ponds and supplied seneca falls ladder truck while 421 hauled water in a tanker shuttle.12 men

dispatched21:56/enroute 21:57/back in service 00:24