dispatched to a residence on rt 336 for a fully engulfed car fire,403 &421 responded with 12 men

dispatched 13:36/enroute 13:37/on scene 13:44/back in service 14:15


dispatched to the area of the fire dept for a smoke investigation,462&464 checked the area ,nothing found.7 men

dispatched 10:25/enroute 10:25/back in service 10:33


dispatched to the area of yellow tavern rd and yost for a smoke investigation,nothing found.403 responded with 10 men

dispatched 16:57/ enroute 17:00/back in service 17:07


dispatched mutual-aid to ovid with a fast was out on arrival.402 responded with 10 men

dispatched 16:36/enroute 16:36 back in service 17:00


dispatched mutual aid to waterloo to setup a landing zone at the dutchman resturant,waterloo was working a serious mva on yellow tavern rd,403 responded with 10 men

dispatched 19:37/enroute 19:39/back in service 17:56


dispatched to a residence on leader rd for a smell of propane,461 responded and determined it to be an empty propane tank.13 men

dispatched17:19/enroute 17:20/back in service 17:30


dispatched mutual aid to varick,house on leader rd filling with smoke,found to be a furnace problem,402 responded with a full crew.11 men

dispatched 07:54/enroute 07:54/back in service 08:14


dispatched to leader rd&murray rd for acar in the ditch,air bag deployment,no injuries.462 responded and had all trucks hold in quarters,no duty.11 men

dispatched21:17/ enroute21:18/ back in service21:27